Torra Racing

Torra Racing

For £1500 you can come to us with ideas of how you'd like your website to look and be presented, we than create a website that has the looks plus ease of use that will allow you to fully manage the website.
For example with the website above using the web apps facilities we created apps that allowed them to easily change all of the images on the home screen, including the main pictures, logos and the associated wording. We also created more advanced web apps to manage their data so they could easily input the statistics of previous races, input the details of racers and any achievements they had. All of this information was displayed on the website in a visually compelling way.
Another advanced web app we created was in the booking system and integrating it with a count down timer that showed visitors of their website when the next race is due and allowed the visitors to book the race through the system. Automatically generating invoices for the new customer and sending the details of the booking to the website admins. A feature like this would cost $79 a month with Shopify but with Adobe Business Catalyst the cost is just $38.88 a month.

If you'd like to know more about these features and the website in general please feel free to contact us

We are an Adobe Business Catalyst specialist team with combined experience in excess of ten years, what we do is create fully dynamic websites, making use of Adobe Business Catalysts APIs to custom build Web Apps that make the management of complicated web features a breeze and intuitive for you to use.



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