Slew Dem Mafia

Slew Dem Mafia

Slewdem Mafia is an original grime crew originating from East London, who tell vivid tales of life in the streets of London over high adrenaline beats.

When we was first approached about designing a website the brief we was given was for us to create a website that would:

  • Easily market their music
  • Engage with their fans
  • Sell their music and merchandise directly from the website
  • With this as our guideline we decided we would create an eCommerce website based on using strong visuals and sounds to sell their merchandise. As the group in their own right were well known in the grime scene we had much material to draw on when creating the website. We created the bill board with the purpose of displaying high quality images that would link to specified pages, for instance an image of one of their YouTube videos would go to a page that not only had the video but prominently displayed how a visitor could purchase the music track.

    We created web apps for each artist that allowed them to easily update their individual page with their latest music by embedding in YouTube and Soundcloud links ,this web app facility was also used for creating featured tracks (for an example click here). These featured tracks and the artists individual music would be randomly display in specified points on the website, the idea behind this was that visitors to the website would want to hear their music and so we made it easy for a user to find their music no matter the page they were on.

    Another big requirement of the group was in being able to easily sell their merchandise and music directly from the website, cutting out third party services like itunes and Amazon. We were able to give their website this functionality as the Adobe Business Catalyst hosting plan they used had eCommerce facilities inbuilt. We were able to quickly wire in these services into the website and allow so that when selling T Shirts for instance, they could put the price, give international shipping options, add tax codes, add the amount of stock and if the stock goes below a certain point to have an email automatically sent to them (for an example click here). Ultimately we was able to give them a variety of custom solutions that allowed for them to easily set up and sell their products within a few clicks.

    As part of a re-marketing service in reaching previous website visitors we created a prominent pop up mailing list subscribe button, that when a user signs up they would be able to send them targeted emails and they would be able to send up to 10,000 emails each month. This subscribe button has proved very useful increasing the sign up rate by 50%.

    If you'd like to know more about these features and our website in general please feel free to contact us

    We are an Adobe Business Catalyst specialist team with combined experience in excess of ten years, what we do is create fully dynamic websites, making use of Adobe Business Catalysts APIs to custom build Web Apps that make the management of complicated web features a breeze and intuitive for you to use.


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