Paradise Palms Jamaica

Paradise Palms Jamaica

Is a self-catering holiday vacation rental villa located in Montego Bay, Jamaica. When are client first approached us they were new to the online world so wanted advice on how to gain brand exposure and how to appear higher up in search results. Initially starting out we recommended to the owner of paradise palm Jamaica when using social media sites such as Facebook, twitter etc that they should use a face picture as there profile image as people connect with a person more than if just a logo appears.

Moving on to the marketing for the villa we advised them to appear as a knowledge resource for all things Jamaica as our head of marketing told him “ When people think of Jamaica you want them to think of you” the strategy we used for this was to use images they had of various locations in Jamaica and give information about the location that may not of been widely known putting this out through the various social media networks they were part of.

This worked very well in raising the profile of Paradise Palm Jamaica. As part of the SEO strategy in helping them appear higher up in search results for self catering in Jamaica we advised them to join the social network Google+ and keep up with there postings of knowledge for all things Jamaica as we knew Google+ as a network was a way for Google to find subject authorities.


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