British Pakistani Christians Association

British Pakistani Christians Association

British Pakistani Christians Association (BPCA) is a group intent on highlighting the persecution that many Pakistani Christians are subjected to.

When we were initially approached by the BPCA in creating a website for them they had an outdated website that they were not using due to being unable to update the content and so there primary source of medium was using blogger were they had grown a sizable readership.

They also required marketing for their book "the targeting of minority 'Others' in Pakistan."

In our briefing we were told of the serious topics of BPCA and so we designed the website to reflect this, using large imagery and clear call to actions that allowed visitors to the site to easily partake in a task whether donating, signing up to their newsletter or sharing BPCA news on social networks. As their main medium for sharing news stories had been blogger for a long time we decided having their blog content appearing on the home page would keep a consistent feel for readers who followed to the website over from blogger and its format.

Another requirement from BPCA was to be able to send out email newsletters to their large email lists as previously they had been using outlook to send out these emails to over 6000 contacts which proved to be very time consuming and no flexibility on how the emails would look. As they had signed up for the business catalyst web marketing plan roughly around £11 - £12 per month they had 5000 newsletters they could send out each month with the options to add more newsletters for very reasonable prices. We designed an email template for them that they could easily edit themselves and included a donate button and links to buy their book " The targeting of minority 'Others' in Pakistan."

When they sent out their first email newsletter it proved highly successful with numerous donations, book buys and signups for newsletters. We also taught the BPCA team the numerous analytics from the email campaigns such as open rates, actions readers took when opening the newsletter e.g. clicking the donation button, using these statistics we showed them how this can be used to keep track of their most active supporters.

To increase sales of their book we created blog posts using small but interesting excerpts from the book that would provoke discussion, sharing these excerpts onto social network platforms facebook, twitter and Google+ the discussions in these places resulted in an increase in awareness of the book that ultimately resulted in a large increase in book sales.

Since working with the BPCA over the course of a years period, we have increased there turnover from £40 per month to close to £70,000 annual turnover this has proved crucial for them in providing relief for many of the dissadvantaged communities of Christians in Pakistan.

If you'd like to know more about these features and the website in general please feel free to contact us.

We are an Adobe Business Catalyst specialist team with combined experience in excess of ten years, what we do is create fully dynamic websites, making use of Adobe Business Catalysts APIs to custom build Web Apps that make the management of complicated web features a breeze and intuitive for you to use.


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