written by David Anglin

Why My Website Is More Powerful Than Yours


Growing up I remember people often saying "it's about making your money work harder for you"
It took me years to fully understand this, but when I did, I understood why some people instead of just saving their money, would look into other ventures in turning their money into more money.
In fact all of the successful people I know and have read up on are constantly investing in turning money into more money.
So I know now your thinking what does this have to do with my bold statement of "my website is more powerful than yours"

I make my website work hard for me.

My version of a leafleting team is when I send out emails that reach into your inbox.
My version of a promo team is using the image markup on my website that when a link to my website is posted on a social media network like Facebook, the link will appear with a big image, information and when clicked will go straight to my website.
My version of a data analysis, is statistics put into to easy to understand graphs and tables, that gives me insight on working out the best strategy to proceed with.
My version of hiring a builder is having in built web apps that allow me to constantly change the design and template of a webpage with ease.
And my version of a sales assistance is having a blog that is regularly updated with useful information for potential customers.

When used correctly a website can do so many things, it's like having your own personal work force but without the politics, except if the website plays up! than you need to call in a web developer to straighten it right back out!

Make your website work harder for you.


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