written by David Anglin

Why Does Your Content Need To Be Unique

A very interesting post for those who want to learn more about SEO and the small things you can be doing to get search engine traffic to come to your website.

Eric and Mark talk about creating content on your website that targets keywords that you will have a better chance of ranking for. For example if i'm a baker and I create content around the word "baker," I would be competing with 465,000,000 search results. Ranking highly for this keyword would be near impossible as there's too many other high ranking website's. But say instead I used my content to target the keywords "Baker in Leyton" I would be competing against 935,000 search results, a big difference. Even though it would be more than likely that a lot less people search for the keywords "Baker In London" due to less competition you have more of a chance of appearing high up in their search results.

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