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What I Learned From Colombia Day And How It Relates To Website Traffic

What I Learned From Colombia Day And How It Relates To Website Traffic

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Not too long ago I was by the Thames taking in the festivities of Colombia day and the Thames festival. All around the smells and aromas of South American spices, and laughter and fun filled the air as large groups of Colombians enjoyed the scenery of the Thames as they waited for the Ship from Colombia to pass by.
While I took in many of the festivities, when I got home it dawned on me the importance of having a vibrant community, because a vibrant community is what draws in like minded people in to a chosen location. On that day the lines of near enough every stall was packed and I'm certain that every stall holder made very good money that day.
Being around or at the center of a community will always work wonders for anything your trying to do.
This same principle applies to websites and gaining traffic and sales to a website.

One of the most difficult things as a website owner is in getting visitors to constantly view your website, because if your website has no visitors than you will not make a sale.
I believe that's why many online marketers talk about having a blog and regularly updating it, as its a reason for a person to revisit your website, this statement is true to an extent, but the problem here is that many website owners produce boring blogs so anyone who did visit your website will not want to revisit, so with all the content you create you will find yourself being the only reader! 
But there is ways around this, as all around there are vibrant communities in your niche, you may just have to put in a little extra effort in becoming a part of these communities. For instance with my blog on fathering click here, because I have a community that is interested in my topic without fail my website constantly has visits, but for this to happen each day I post to my Google+ community, that's where the discussion takes place but ultimately the goal is for them to end up at my website.

Create a community around your niche or if you can't create a community join one, with places like youtube around there is no excuse.

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