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I had a friend who had a website made so he could showcase his music (he makes House if your wondering). Every time he wanted to up date the site or change something he would have to pay the designer!!! (Shock horror extortion all in one)

I calmly told him not being able to up date your website is like having a Nokia faceoff it’s out dated.

That being said though, many people assume that when you have a website made that, that’s it, and there will be no other additional costs! You couldn’t be more wrong, for example hosting the website will be a monthly or yearly cost. The domain name will need renewing again yearly and if you want extra feature’s such as a shop, music player etc these will require plugins which could cost money and the web developer will more than likely charge to implement the service.

Another important thing to consider is the updating and maintaining of your website. For instance if you have a Wordpress website when Wordpress adds new updates you will need a web developer to implement these changes to your website, or you could find your website lagging or certain features stop working! (Thought this would be a good place to add that with Business Catalyst new features are automatically updated! Saves money saves time )

Moral of the story: Having a talk with a professional web consultant can save you a lot of money in the long run, if not you may find your future costs escalating.

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By David Anglin

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