written by David Anglin

Website Problems: Strange but true... (II)

I had a client who’s website was hosted on 1 and 1. We was discussing the marketing work we would do for them and that this would involve us transferring there website over to Business Catalyst (This is our CMS of choice). One day I checked there website and it was gone (Bermuda Triangle strikes again) I thought that maybe it’s temporary so I checked the next day and than the next to no avail. I informed my client about his website the client than phoned his provider and informed me that someone working for his hosting provider had deleted his website understandingly my client was not happy.

When I told him that as his website had been deleted search engines would no longer index his site so he would lose a lot of organic traffic to his website… there was a deathly silence… I’m sure his hosting provider got another piece of his mind.

Moral of the story a deleted website is no good for business!

But more importantly having access to your website is essential as if we had those details at the time we would have been able to instantly transfer him over to our secure Business Catalyst CMS.

Remember if you have any questions feel free to talk with us.

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