written by David Anglin

Website Problems: Strange but true... (I)

I remember talking with a potential client who was saying she needed a website so I let her know the price and what we could do for her.

The conversation went quiet. She told me her website had disappeared and she wanted to know if we could get it back for her. She said the website had been designed for a low price (My spider senses tingled) and the hosting for the year was £50 (My spider senses deserted me after this point). I explained to her that only the designer of her website would be able to recover the site.

Having access to your website is something all professional web designers will empower you with (That’s something we personally love doing with our Business Catalyst platform). If they are not giving you this access, me personally, I would slowly back away with a smile on my face.

Moral of the story cheap isn’t always cheerful.

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By David Anglin

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