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Unique Selling Point...

Unique Selling Point...

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By Simone Shillingford
Simone works in the financial sector and teaches Zumba classes (search her name on Zumba.com) if you wish to contact her.

Do you know your USP?
It’s that special blend of 11 spices that makes Kentucky Fried Chicken so ‘finger-lickin’ good.’ It’s James Dyson’s first ever vacuum without the fuss of a bag and it’s unique suction technology. It’s a unique selling point (USP) that makes a product stand out from its competitors, and usually be the most successful on the market as a result.

When the USP of a product or brand brings a benefit to the customer, and has something that other products or brands don’t have, you are on to a winner. So, I ask the question what is your USP?

The importance of this became most apparent when I graduated from university with a 2.1 in Law and then completed my post graduate Legal Diploma in Law at Law School…but still struggled to find a decent job. Generally having a positive outlook on life, and confidence in my own abilities, I knew that perseverance would pay off eventually. However, it was then that I realised I had to really sell myself to get to where I wanted to be. I had to pinpoint what my USPs were to set me apart from all the other law graduates, from great universities (like me) and who had gone on to further study (just like me).

I thought about what made me stand out from the crowd and what I could bring to people that perhaps others couldn’t? What was it that I could bring to a company, that others couldn’t or what could I do much better for a company than someone else could? I thought about compliments I’d received from people over the years and positive feedback I’d got in the past, as well as things I already knew were my strong points, which helped me create a list of my own USPs. Sometimes we don’t even realise or notice how good we are at something or the qualities we possess until someone actually tells us…

Having worked so hard and to be unemployed, for anyone, can be a bit demoralising, whatever circumstances led you to the situation. But, finding out what my USPs were, I found, to be an uplifting, motivating experience which equipped me with the confidence I needed to get out there and promote (sell) myself to potential employers, and others when in a networking setting. In the competitive world we live in today, it’s important to know what sets you apart and how to promote those unique qualities as if you were a candidate on Lord Sugar’s TV series ‘The Apprentice.’ It may be hard for some to sell themselves for fear of being perceived too ‘pushy’ or arrogant but the key is to own your USPs with pride, as all those who do should surely succeed.


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