written by David Anglin

To pay or not to pay that's the question

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Have you ever just sat there and wondered, how do I even get business to my website.

I believe the answer to this is found in the world of the physical shop.
When you think about it shops like Tesco's have foot traffic every single day.
Each day people walk in wanting groceries and other essentials, now its easy to say its the Tesco's brand that keeps customers coming back, but I believe its their pricing structure and convenience that makes Tesco's and similar stores a winner.
In the UK and especially in places like London I believe that if you step outside your house your not more than 10 minutes away from a Tesco's store. What they have done is bought prime locations where they know customers will be. I've seen many Tesco local stores underneath flats. Its these methodologies that turned Tesco's into a dominant player.

So when you really think about it, the blueprint to obtaining traffic is how much you're willing to spend. Being in a prime location means you will naturally get foot traffic but the price of the location is determined by the amount of foot traffic. Having a shop in Westfield will always be more expensive than having a shop on the street, simply because of the volume of foot traffic that Westfield has and more importantly the well informed guess that a person coming to Westfield's is looking to spend their money on something. This makes this foot traffic more valuable.
Getting traffic to your website works on these same principles, how much are you willing to spend to get a visitor. If you're selling a car it makes sense to list your car on places like Autotrader simply because visitors to the auto trader website are people who either want to sell or buy their car. The perfect traffic/eyes to sell your car to.
To increase your chances of selling your vehicle you have the opportunity to have a featured listing, that gives the car you're selling maximum exposure.
You may have spent around £20 for the listing but within a few days you have gained £2000 from the sale of your car. The economics of buying that listing makes sense. Website clicks don't just have to be natural clicks sometimes paid for clicks brings great quality but the question is what is the value of a click to you?  

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