written by David Anglin

The Spider and The Fly

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After a hard training session I decided to go to the garden to rest before continuing on with another part of training. But as I sat there taking in the cool breeze around me I noticed a spider had set up shop in a tyre I no longer used. The reason I even took notice of this is that I hadn't seen a spider for quite a while, as currently Britain is held tight in winter's claws!
Anyhow as I set there I noticed that a fly was caught in its web. I watched as the spider slowly made its way down, until it reached the fly taking a little bite before it scurried away back to hidden parts of the tyre, confident that the fly was unable to move.

Having the web set up meant the spider could lazily wait for its prey to come into its territory.

I believe that for websites, your blog acts in the same manner as a spider's web, trapping whoever comes by in content and word play that will keep them captivated until you get the chance to strike with a killer deal.

Your blog should be numerous and far reaching to give it more potential in capturing the minds of potential customers, but as the world wide web is a competitive terrain it requires a bit more thought and so requires thinking about placing blog articles in places where you're sure your audience will be. So, maybe asking popular bloggers to feature your article as they have an engaged audience or running Facebook ads to a certain demographic or creating visually stunning content that has a mass appeal for the curious mind.
Look at the analytics of your blog pages, watch how the masses interact with your content, observe which places bring the most traffic to your blogs as these will be the places to concentrate on and build an even finer web created to capture the hearts and minds of the masses...
and as the spider does, watch and wait quietly for the perfect time to strike.

David Anglin

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