written by David Anglin

The Samurai Has His Sword But The Entrepreneur Has His Website

The Samurai Has His Sword But The Entrepreneur Has His Website

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"We live in a peaceful time now but the number of dojo's continue to grow
However these schools have nothing to do with the way of the sword
All they can offer is merely an occupation, at the best they can offer some retainer a practice sword and teach him some forms, in return they receive praise and fees.
That's why they still exist
It's up to them to what extent they choose to use their sword"
Blade of the Immortal episode 12

There's a big difference between a person who picks up a sword to simply train and a person who picks up a sword as a way of life, the intention that motivates them to train is completely different. For the person who trains as a hobby, coming up against the person who lives and breathes training as a way of life sooner or later will be found lacking.
It doesn't matter in what career or stage of your life you're at, intention is everything!

In martial arts my instructor Grand Master Codner constantly repeated this to us "One kick, one punch" what this meant was that with one hit you should be able to defeat your opponent, sounds crazy but when you have strong enough intentions you'll be surprised at the things you're able to achieve.

In martial arts we hone our skills in developing hand and foot control and mastering new weapons, as business people and entrepreneurs it is our duty to hon our skills, our intentions will decide how much effort we put into honing our skills.
If business is just a part time hobby for us, then our intention when honing our skills will match that.
Sometimes we have to ask ourselves, what's our intention for our business, answering this will tell us how much we are willing to dedicate to it.

Everything worthwhile takes practice and patience, in traditional martial arts systems it was common in the beginning stages for students to spend the entire session stretching, as the instructor knew that good flexibility is a strong foundation for strikes to be developed on.
As business people and entrepreneurs it's our job to decide our intention and work on developing a strong foundation for other parts of our business to develop on, for me personally I believe that for the 21st century having a website with a following is what sets you apart from the rest.
Nowadays everyone and their friends has a website but the intention behind their website and yours is where the difference arises. Just as a samurai guides his sword to achieve his chosen goal its the same way as business people we must guide our website to achieve our chosen goal.

A samurai may practice all day in ways of how to strike down his opponent, as entrepreneurs we must practice in how to get our website to reach our chosen goal, as it's through this daily practice that we start to distinguish ourselves from the rest of the field and in time become known as masters in our field.

The samurai has his sword but the entrepreneur has his website

David Anglin


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