written by David Anglin

The Real Cost Of A Picture

The Real Cost Of A Picture

Recently I was reading a book called "Scientific Advertising" by Claude C Hopkins which was written almost 100 years ago, but from reading the book you would of never of guessed its age, as it's underlying principles can still be used in today's business climate. The reason for this is that it deals in the essentials of marketing a business, none of the brand raising stuff that so many of us hear about, but the essentials of getting a person to show interest in your product and turning that interest into a profitable sale!

Taking my time to read the book so many new ideas came to me, it was amazing, but a part that really stood out for me and made me question my own methods was when the author mentioned pictures and how many businesses will use exotic looking pictures that may spurn interest but lead to know sales. I myself have been guilty of this!

When you look at social media updates there are so many marketing campaigns using exotic and weird looking pictures to sell things and though it may get the desired effect of getting the person to take notice of the picture, what's really important is if leads are generated from the campaign, if not than its simply a waste of time and money, for instance when I'm looking for something to buy e.g. clothes, fancy imagery does not do it for me I'm looking at how the clothes looks what the quality of the item is and if it will fit me, I will also read reviews, as I don't want to spend money I will regret later.

These things govern my buying process, not fancy images, not fancy words none of that! Now I'm sure if you look into your own buying habits you will see you have a very similar process. Large ecommerce websites like Amazon, Ebay etc get this, that's why they essentially keep it simple. They give you pictures that show you exactly what the item looks like, not the person wearing the item in an imaginative back drop. They encourage people to give reviews for others to read, as they understand the importance of word of mouth and how we use other peoples experiences to guide our choices.

So when selling your own product or service ask yourself this question, will your potential customer get all the information they need to lay their fears of buying from you to rest.



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