written by David Anglin

The Problem With Just Brand Awareness

The Problem With Just Brand Awareness


Recently I was having a discussion with a very good friend of mine, he works as a producer in the music industry and he was telling me about an artist he was working with who had recently paid for a music promotion package. A few months after I asked him if anything had been gained from the package and he told me it doesn't seem like it.

I than went into one of my rants about promotions that are used for just raising brand awareness, I see it like this, only major corporations can afford brand awareness because they have enough in their cash reserves that if the campaign does not bring in any custom they still have money coming in from their other reliable streams.

It reminds me of this famous quote by John Wanamaker who says "I know half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, but I can never find out which half"

For me this sums up advertising for lots of people, they put money into things that have no guarantees or end results.

If you've put money into marketing there should at a minimum be some form of end result, whether it's enquirers, email sign ups or in relation to music, the track being played on a radio station so that you can either get PRS or bookings for shows.

But just paying for promotion in the hopes of raising brand awareness is like putting money into a bottomless pit! In fact spend that money with me I will put it to good use! ;) 

A product should raise it's own brand by people buying it. If I have a custom T Shirt to sell I could advertise and run brand awareness campaigns until kingdom come but if no one's buying it after these efforts my account will quickly reach £0. If a person buys my t shirt and likes it, they will naturally raise the brand of the T Shirt, by people seeing the T Shirt or verbally telling others about the T Shirt.

When your in the business of selling products ultimately each action should be geared towards a sale however these actions may be done in steps e.g. person asks you question/s, you give the person relevant answer/s, a follow up message to the enquirer and hopefully a lead to a sale. Any money made from these sales shouldn't be put into just raising brand awareness, but reinvested into the avenue that brought you sales. For instance if using Google Adwords and I spend £100 a month running ads but I get back £200 a month in sales, in my eyes it makes more sense for me to reinvest the profits back into my Google Adwords campaign rather than paying £100 for a video promotion package about the T Shirt brand.

Brand awareness should be raised by your customers not by you!

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