written by David Anglin

The Power Rule Percentage Of Interest

The Power Rule Percentage Of Interest

In my time running business and marketing for various types of businesses the one power rule I have consistently come across is the percentage of interest.
When I say percentage of interest I mean simply when you market your business to an audience the amount who show some form of engagement to your campaign.
As what I have found over and over again is that no matter how large or small the audience, there will always be a small percentage who are receptive, now this range can be from less than 1% all the way up to 20% sometimes more, but the amount will usually always be less than the initial audience you advertised to.
What you than find is that when pushing out your next set of campaigns to your receptive audience not only will they take much greater interest but over a period of time of you sending them consistent campaigns when you send them something that interests them, they usually end up buying from you as you've took time to build up trust with them.
Its all a process that starts in you finding your right audience.

David Anglin

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