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The Power Of Consistency

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Recently I had a moment of reflection and came to the conclusion that the internet carries a lot of information, however only a very small percentage of the information is useful. In the field of online marketing and gaining relevant web traffic, if you search for how to get traffic to a website 323 million search results will appear! This is a lot!
I had a look through some of the links, many said the usual things, i.e. targeting long tail keywords, guest blogging on other people's websites, commenting on other people's blogs etc etc. Don't get me wrong some of these techniques are very valid, but all of these are of little, if you're not consistent.

If your day for posting a blog is every Wednesday or even every other Wednesday, stick to that date, give yourself at least a period of being consistent for 1 year. People who view your website/ posts will come to expect a post from you on these days. To give you a real scenario I have a lifestyle blog on fatherhood that I post every Sunday without fail. After months of doing this I noticed that on Sunday's traffic to my website would increase for that day. Because I noticed this I decided one Sunday to test and see if the boost in traffic came from my sharing my posts to communities on Google+ or if users were coming to my website on Sunday of their own accord.
For the test I posted on my website but not on any Google+ communities. I found was that although the traffic spike was not as much as normal there was a spike in traffic from people who had visited my website on Sunday, without any promotion from me.
This lead me to understand that consistency is what keeps people coming back. Although it may be a small percentage of users who revisit your website they are very important as they are the ones who have shown great interest in your website, and will more than likely be supporters of your website.

Applying this rule of being consistent, I have grown my lifestyle blog which currently have been viewed over 2 million times and have had lots of interactions from users on Google+. Simply because I am consistent and know my audience. I know the posts they like to see and I have a good idea of the times they interact. Consistently show up with the content your audience wants to see and over a period of time this will transfer to traffic to your website or social channel.

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