written by David Anglin

The Digital Revolution Looms...

The Digital Revolution Looms...

Around the 1800's, we had the industrial revolution that changed the lives for many. Although it brought a golden age of prosperity, the increased mechanisation caused mass unemployment and misery. I believe we are at the brink of another revolution, a digital age!
Like all revolutions, there are always growing pains so now is the time to educate and invest in digital assets like websites and domain names; as in a near future they may be the main sources of income.

Although this has been on my mind for a number of years, watching this video from Discovery (Click Here) re-affirmed my convictions, because whether many of us realise it or not, machines have become deeply embedded in our lives; from allowing us to self-checkout at supermarkets, to driverless trains, or even running complicated algorithms to find the best matches in our search for companionship and love; who needs cupid! Machines really are everywhere.

Recently I was having a discussion with my music producer friend, and I was telling him my thoughts. The conversation quickly turned into a heated discussion - he was of the view that: "... if the machines take over everything, what will people do? This will result in yet more job losses!" To be honest, he has a fair point, but my argument was that this is simply progress, society is always on the look out for how to make things easier!

Let us consider the music industry for instance, his profession. During the last decade alone, the music industry has undergone enormous changes, especially in the realm of how music is sold. Just a few year ago, the norm was to go into stores like HMV to search for and buy the latest music, but this has now been universally replaced with services such as iTunes and Amazon, or like I recently did for my friend, creating a website that allows fans to buy music directly from him.

This simple process of buying music has created many job losses in customer services and the shop floor, but the job-losses have been offset by gains elsewhere, such as web design and development, as they are needed to make these sites.
So, the problem of the digital age is not one of job losses, but it is one of versatility, education and awareness of the newest technologies.

Whether we care to believe it or not! The fact is the digital revolution is coming!, and as entrepreneurs, it is our job to make sure that we are able to ride the new wave of opportunities, and now is the time to start creating a blue print, and I honestly believe it starts by securing domain names and websites.

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