written by David Anglin

The Delay Effect

The Delay Effect

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Universal Law

"I think for many of us, we give up before the circle of life re-manifests our initial hardwork" David Anglin

This isn't just me being philosophical though I do like to be :-) This is the conclusion I've come to after many hours of deep thought and realising that any form of hardwork you put in does not immediately show, there is always a delay but when it's time to show, it ends up being more than we ever expected. Let me explain, one of my friends (I may have mentioned him before) has been producing music for like forever.

I remember the days of him having to produce a song per day and I remember when he would lock off his phone for months on end as he shut himself away to develop his craft and really get good. At the time, I would think 'hmm ...he's being a bit extreme,' but I would always be supportive as ultimately he knew what was best for him. Fast forward to recently where one of his tracks (is considered an underground anthem) has tracks out with mainstream artists and I was able to get him sponsored! For him, his hard work was beginning to pay off.

When I took time to take actually think about it all I came to, not only the obvious conclusion that it was well deserved for him, but more importantly that even though you work hard there's a delay before the hard work shows. Often you will hear people talk about energy. In fact, I was listening to a great Oprah Winfrey interview and she talked on how, when you put your energy into the universe, the universe will magnify that energy. Whether you believe this to be true or not what I can say with certainty is that if you've put in enough energy, then later on it will manifest- but it's never an instant process.
Nothing is ever instant, when you go to the gym and you're there training 7 days a week, the benefits of muscle growth and definition is not instant. There's a delay that varies from person to person but at some point you see the effects of the hard work you put in. I can even relate this to children as from young they are like sponges taking in everything that we expose them to and later on is when we see the effects of what we've exposed them to...

All hard work at some point eventually pays off but what I've noticed is that in business, many of us do not stick around to see the benefits of all the hard work we've put in. Guess it's like how Muhammad Ali said "I hated every minute of training, but I said, 'Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion."

David Anglin


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