written by David Anglin

The Art Of Story Telling

One thing I have noticed when people talk about how to get traffic, sales and etc to a website is only a few discuss the importance of storytelling.
I will put it simply if you do not have a story to tell it becomes extremely difficult to sell online, unless your business is based on the essentials of food, water and shelter.
Your story is how you first introduce yourself to your audience and how you adapt the story will determine if your able to keep your audience, as I'm sure many have found keeping an audience to come back to your website week in and week out is not easy. But! by creating a story that your able to easily maintain you will see results. A client of mine who I conduct there online marketing for, each week are able to keep an audience of music lovers coming back to their website, because not only do they create great music, but their website reads as an historical look into the music culture and it's this that keeps the fans coming back and spending their money.

Create a real story and than work on perfecting it.

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