written by David Anglin

The 100 Man Warrior...

The 100 Man Warrior...

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In Taekwondo we have a form called Kong Sung Gong (probably not the correct spelling) which literally means the 100 man form. The reason it’s called this is simple, because every strike whether kick, back fist or elbow is geared to one purpose which is to defeat 100 men.
Masters of old had this philosophy drummed into their head, that they single handily should be able to defeat 100 men and that if 100 men came to challenge them then 100 men would fall.
The thing about this philosophy is that it easily translates into everyday living especially for us who own a company or are a part of start-ups.
In the beginning often we find ourselves in scenarios where we carry out the jobs of many. Whether that be accounts, marketing or design, we find ourselves having to juggle many roles. Many experts tell us hire help and though this is true, sometimes the help just can't be hired and so we do what we do best ,grit our teeth and put shoulder to wheel
Nobody said it would be easy but we already know this,
So remember

When times get hard think of yourself being equal to 100 men and if 100 tasks come then 100 tasks will be completed...
I wish you all the best for 2017

David Anglin


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