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Survival Of The Fittest...

Survival Of The Fittest...

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Anxiety is the thing that digs away at the core of our being, hidden from those around us, but making itself ever present to us - sometimes even trying to rear its ugly head in public. Anxiety happens to all of us at some point, and for us entrepreneurs our battle with it is constant, as it shows its ugly head as doubts in our abilities, doubts in our strategies, doubts in if we can really provide for our families...
But the thing with anxiety is that it has its uses, as its part of the fabric of the universe- the basic principle of fight or flight. It’s the option of standing your ground and fighting that which most scares you, or rapidly pulling your knees to your chest and curling in a tight ball, awaiting the onslaught.
Anxiety is no joke.
The only thing I know that kicks anxiety in its ugly forehead, is having a plan and action that leaves no doubts in your mind that it will work!
Anxiety can cause a lot of pressure but remember- diamonds are formed from immense pressure…
And also remember, that in uncertain times the only thing certain is survival of the fittest...

In my introduction post I said "websites are the future." I recall a guy emailing me back and saying websites aren’t the future they are the now. Though he had a point, what he didn't understand was the true capability of websites. If you have heard of things like Bitcoins, Augmented Reality, Holograms or Artificial Intelligence, then you'll know that while these technologies are still in their early stages, when they reach their full potentials it will be a game changer for nearly all industries. Their effects will be felt by all and websites will play a major part in this shift. This is why I say websites are the future, as right now we haven't scratched the surface of their true capabilities.

With increased competition from other websites and the advancements of technology how do you plan to survive - and not just survive, thrive?!

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Let me tell you a short story that'll put this all into perspective. Before I was into websites and digital marketing, I was simply a person who needed a website. At the time I had this highly creative idea of having a website that would showcase talent through the use of an online voting system.
This is when I first crossed paths with Dave who was and still is a highly efficient web developer. Call me biased, but he must be in the top 90%... World Wide! And for the CMS Business Catalyst this goes up to 98% ;-)
Anyhow, during our initial conversations I told him my ideas of how I would like the website to look and work. Taking in my outlandish ideas and knowing I knew nothing about how websites worked, he took time to really get my understanding of web technology up to scratch, as he knew I was ambitious. For months we would talk most days. During this time he would put me on to new web technologies, how they worked in the real world, and how we could use them. When it came time to pay Dave £1,500 for the website, though I had no idea where I would find the money from I found it, and was happy to pay. He had not only created a great site for me (in fact, quite a few), he opened up my mind to just how important the digital world is.
When he opened my eyes to the world of the web I went in deep, removing myself for over a year, similar to Shaolin monks when they disappear into the mountains for years and reappear as grand masters in ancient hidden techniques. When I emerged from this training, within the first year I transformed a client from earning nothing, to earning well over £400,000 and being all over the mainstream media. Working with other clients, the same pattern continued, simply because I understood the universal laws of the numbers game and the percentage of interest!
My investment of £1,500 turned into much more, as not only did I create a new business I gained a long-term friend and business partner in Dave. It put me in touch with a like-minded person. Funnily enough, in the same vein I gained more like-minded clients, who were very ambitious, and they gained clients and customers who matched their ambition and status! I suppose it’s the laws of attraction.

If You’re Ambitious You'll Attract Ambitious People.
Ambitious People Who Become Ambitious Clients, Bring You Regular Ambitious Money! Fact!
Having ambitious clients means that no matter the competition, these clients are loyal to you, no matter the emerging technology, your word is the advice they'll seek.

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But to be ambitious you need to be doing something that separates you from the crowd. In the physical world this could mean wearing clothes that, as soon as people see you they think ‘wealth,’ they think ‘money,’ they think ‘that's a person I need to be around.’
Your website is the digital version of your ideals. So, if your website isn't living up to your ambitious nature and instead looks ordinary, why would an ambitious person scrolling the web take any notice of your website? For them, it’s just a re-direct to a destination that has just wasted precious seconds from their ambitious day...
We Are What We Feel…
And We Attract What We Feel

I remember having a heated discussion with one of my old time friends as, like me, he's an entrepreneur but he was of the more laid back philosophy of waiting to see what life brings and not wanting to force situations. To be honest my nature is laid-back, but experience has taught me that laid-back does not work.
For the things you want or the things worth having you need to run up, double somersault and grab them by the balls!
In a world where 600 websites are created every minute, and many of them in the same industry as you, you need to give yourself the best opportunities in standing out against the rest, and standing strong when all the others around you crumble from the shaky foundations they were built upon.
One thing I can guarantee is that the time to start is right now. Not tomorrow or the day after, but right now – as having a solid foundation provides security against a future that will be unkind to the unprepared...
If you have any questions about the websites we create and what we can do for you, please feel free to contact me and we'll schedule a phone call.
I wish you all the best in your endeavours.
David Anglin
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