written by David Anglin

Structured Data and Rich Snippets Making Imagery Count

Fig.1 An example of a blog post that uses image structured data/ rich snippets

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When using Facebook, Linkedin or Google+, it is recommended that you add Rich Snippets/Structured Data to the pages of your website ( "Structured data markup" is a standard way to annotate your content so machines can understand it. When your web pages include structured data markup, Google (and other search engines) can use that data to index your content better, present it more prominently in search results, and surface it in new experiences like voice answers, maps, and Google Now). For more info on rich snippets please click here.

What this will do, is when you copy the link from your website and place it on these social media channels whatever image is in the article when shared on these channels will appear large reference fig.1 above. When comparing posts that don’t have this larger image to those that do, the post with the image will consistently receive more social engagements, i.e. likes, shares etc, but most importantly, this leads to an increases in web traffic because if  a person clicks on the image, they are automatically taken to the concerned webpage... 

If you would like us to place rich snippets on your website the starting cost will be from £100, depending on your website provider i.e. Wordpress Wix etc. For any further questions you have please feel free to contact me.

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