written by David Anglin

Relationships And Business Go Hand In Hand


When you think about it relationships and business will always go hand in hand.

Forming relationships is a big part of our development, and due to our experiences we usually will find people similar to us to form relationships with. Even for businesses these same principles apply, market traders who have taken time to develop relationships with the locals will find they get repeat business simply because the local's have grown to trust them. Even in supermarkets the same principle's apply as one person may shop in Waitrose as they trust that Waitrose will provide them higher quality food than the other supermarkets, while another person may shop in ASDA simply because they trust ASDA will give them the best value for money.

Though simple these little forms of information we are given help us build up an assessment of people and businesses. I believe that's the reason for slogans such as Tescos "Every little helps" because they are gearing themselves towards a certain customer.

The one thing that is needed for relationships to work is that in the beginning there is consistency and quality value being passed, whether this is in conversations, outings, all sorts of things, there just needs to be quality. The thing about when you have a quality relationship is that even if you may not of spoken to someone for years when you do speak again it's like you have seen each other only just yesterday.

So I'm sure many are wondering how does this relate to gaining traffic to a website? The simple answer is everything. If you've taken time to build a credible rapport  with customers/ clients you will still be able to contact them later down the line and they will take note.

Before the internet this process of building relationships in business must of been a lengthy process, but today where able to communicate with are audience in so many different ways its crazy, so the real issue changes from less about finding our audience to more about what message our we sending to our audience, why would they be interested in us? and ultimately why would they purchase from us.

Now to this part I'll be honest and say I'm speculating, but I believe that to engage with our audience we need to remember what made us, us. When we got to know new people and form relationships what did we show. I believe if we put "ourselves" in front of our audience we will find those who can relate to our perspective. When were writing blogs or sending sales articles if we write for are audience we will begin to find people who are interested in what we have to say and so will eagerly await our next announcement/ product etc.

Is that not how music artists are created?

Or how brands like Apple always have mass hysteria when their releasing new products?

Be consistent, but more importantly be real with your audience, especially in the days of social media, as it's very easy to get found out!


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