written by David Anglin

Prejudices Of The Real World Are Still True For The Digital World

Prejudices Of The Real World Are Still True For The Digital World

The strange thing about the online world though it seems vast and strange at its essence it works on the same principles as the real world, including all of the prejudices that some of us hold, i think in the online world people more freely express their prejudices, because there's more anonymity, to an extent less accountability.

Now I'm sure your wondering how does this relate to web traffic and sales. Everything!
For many of us, if we see a person who looks scruffy and it looks as if there in a bad space, it will be unlikely that we'll want to do any business with them if they suggested, though i know a few of us will give a sympathetic ear, for many our first perceptions and prejudices will take over.
These same prejudices come into play when viewing a badly designed website. I know for myself when i see a website that has PayPal buttons i will not purchase from the site simply because the website has done nothing to lay to rest my prejudices that the site will not mismanage my money or use my details for fraud!
Believe it or not, but many of us hold these same ideas and if we are uncertain about a website we will instantly leave.
Are job as online business owners is to lay these fears to rest.

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