written by David Anglin

Philosophy Of The Review...

Philosophy Of The Review...

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The other day I thought I would treat myself to some new trainers, as I hadn't treated myself to any for a long time (The Joys Of Being A Parent).
Anyhow, as I scrolled through online the countless trainers that came up I came across these Puma's that I really liked. In fact, as I was looking at it on the screen I had a vivid imagination of what I would wear with the trainers, who would see me with the trainers and who would secretly envy the trainers ;-)
Now looking at it long and hard enough I knew these were the trainers for me but before I went to check out, I had a look around a few other sites just to make sure

1. They aren't easy to find and
2. That no-one else is doing the same trainers cheaper

So I went back to the website and again was ready to go to check out but before I did, I thought let me check the review of the trainers. It’s lucky I did because one review said the trainers are nice but the size he got (which was the same size as me) was way too small for him, he was saying that he needed to get at least 2 sizes larger.

Though I thought two sizes larger was drastic and the vanity in me said it would make my feet look big and not match my body I did listen and I bought the trainers half a size larger than my normal... it's lucky I listened to the guy, as he said the trainers where tight but lucky for me getting half a size larger I was able to wear it in after a while. My normal size would have been way too small.
The power of that comment saved me money and time and greatly improved my buying experience with the company, because if I had bought my normal size I would have been vexed!I may not have bought from the company again.That little comment had done a tremendous amount of good for me (remember my post ‘the little things’...click here ) The little comment really had brought big results.

Why I brought this whole thing up is that I know many businesses who sell online, in fact most of my clients do, but not many use comments to their fullest, so to those who have eCommerce stores I will give you this valuable piece of advice when a person buys from your store, encourage them to leave a comment later about the product. This can be done through a simple email, as later on this can greatly enhance not only the customer’s buying experience but enhance your business.

David Anglin

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