written by David Anglin

Opportunities Come From The Simplest Of Things

Opportunities Come From The Simplest Of Things

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Universal Law

The little things make big things happen and big things make little things happen.
This is the basis for life and applicable to all things.
Imagine, from a simple thing of Edison watching an apple fall to the ground he created a whole theory that we now know as gravity.
These little moments are so crucial to business -but they are such fleeting moments and often when the moments pass, they pass for ever...

Finding these little moments of opportunity and running with them is what changes a business from being mediocre into something great, as it acts as a catalyst to business growth.
I remember for 'Daddies love their Daughters,' for ages I barely got any interest when posting on Google+. I would post consistently week in, week out, pouring out quality content that came from the heart, but getting an audience to take note proved extremely difficult.
But when Google+ brought out the new feature of the time known as 'Collections,' I got my break where little things brought big results.

All I did was put my previous posts in collections and all of a sudden 'Daddies love their Daughters' kick started into action. All of a sudden the posts I posted would get massive engagement, from likes to comments to shares. In a short space of time I found myself having over 10,000 followers with the numbers growing daily.
All because I saw a chance to do something different. This same thing can apply to all things online, look for the little changes that can bring big results.

David Anglin

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