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Mixtape Cover Designs - Illustration edition

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When you think about it a mixtape cover is a window into the artists mind, playing the actual music is than the artist expressing what is on their mind.

Finding the audience who relate to the music you are making is the key to becoming a successful artist as they will raise your profile by being avidsupportersof your music telling anyone who is interested about you. Simply because you're making the music they want to hear.

The hardest part for any up and coming artist is finding the right audience. Having a mixtape cover that reflects your thoughts and feelings is a way to help your audience discover you. Humans by nature are visual beings so having the right artwork will make it easier for your audience to discover you.

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By HighStep Designs

"living life to the fullest" this is what i see when i look at this mixtape cover, with its colourful themes used to paint a picture of urban living when your at the top of your game.

By Skill Matik

Visually the use of colour on this mixtape cover really grabs you're attention. The designers illustration skills shows that there are ways to design mixtape covers other than just photoshopping images! Theunusualdesign of this mixtape evokes the impression of a tape full of music that you wouldn'tordinarilyhear on a night out.

By Barron Designs

"i'm a boss". I am sure this is the impression that the artist wanted the designer to portray on this mixtape. The images of fast cars, ladies and even anaeroplaneshow an affluent lifestyle. What I like about the design is that even though it borrows its theme from GTA the designer has put together a crisp pieceof artwork.


"i'm going to school these artists on how to rap" thats what I see when I look at this mixtape cover. What I like about the cover design is the effective use of bright colours, using everyday school objects and wording to bringtogetherthe "being in school" theme of the mixtape.

By Glen Infante

On The 'champions' mixtape the designer puts this message across perfectly using an illustration that leaves you with little doubt about the meaning behind the title.

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