written by David Anglin

Lessons From A Gardener


A few weeks back I bumped into a colleague we got talking and he told me he was working as a gardener, knowing him I was surprised to hear this, and so I asked  "how did you get into that?"

He told me, he had been working on gardens as a youth and so, as he couldn't find a job he decided to knock on neighbours doors offering them his gardening service. Well from this he had managed to gain 8 clients and I had to take my hat of to him, as he didn't need no promo or marketing all he needed was to know exactly where his potential customers were and pitch to them his services. He told me to sell his services, he would tell his neighbours that he had, had a troubled past but now he's working on getting his life back in order, because of his youthful features and his sales pitch people gave him a chance and took him up on his offer and so he gained regular clients.

The reason I brought up this story is because he made simple what all businesses require to survive, having regular customers who repeatedly buy your services. This simple formula can be applied for the online world because imagine for instance if he had the contact details for homeowners on his road all he would need to do is send out an email to these homeowners offering his services and guiding them to his website, he would probably find himself overloaded with work, simply because with an online system you have a much greater scope in reaching people.

All a website and marketing strategy should be doing is simplifying existing business strategies that already work. 


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