written by David Anglin

Invest time in Google+ and your future self will thank you

Being active and engaging on Google+ is as my friend Dave Black says "Is an investment in yourself."

Why do I say this? Simply because if people like what you have to say, it builds your online credibility and reputation, and since Google+  is so tightly integrated with other Google services such as search and youtube your credibility and reputation will become far reaching.

Now you may not currently be a business owner or be self employed but we never know what our future holds, I personally believe we are moving to an era when being a freelancer, a business owner etc will become the norm. Let's say in five years time you end up becoming a business owner, etc, because of the credibility you have earned over a period of time this will more than likely result in not only engaging followers but more importantly friends. You will now have gained a natural audience that will be more than willing to either help your business or use your services simply because of the time you put in building relationships.

Part of our human nature is that we form attachments with people based on how they present themselves to us so if they have similar morals, values etc you find that you naturally gravitate towards these individuals. For example I was talking with a lady called kisha on Google+ her passion for working with disadvantaged youths really shone through because of this I was compelled to try help her project as her values were similar to mine.
In the online world to some extent you have the opportunity to be anything you want but if you lie search engines can bring back results in seconds! the truth is searchable! Why lie, be your self sooner or later you will find others with similar values to you in the vast online ocean.

When you find these people with values similar to your own they will become your natural audience and you theirs.

This post was partly inspired by a posts from David Amerland and his knowledge on the semantic web I recommend you check him out.

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