written by David Anglin

If a sign's in the middle of nowhere, who sees it?

If a sign's in the middle of nowhere, who sees it?

I mention in many of my posts about how the digital world at its foundation is based on the real world. When you understand this principle it becomes a lot easier to generate traffic and sales for your website.

When you travel in your car often you will drive by numerous billboards and advertisement displays though some locations can be wasteful cost wise, It does serve a purpose, as it lets us who view the billboards know about the services of the business advertising and most importantly they're ready to do business.
Similar to the philosophy of a tree falling in an empty forest, if a business does not make noise (advertise) no one will even know of there existence.
With display advertising networks like Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Youtube ads and Facebook Ads you have the opportunity of displaying your business to a wide variety of potential customers, the great thing with these options is that not only can you better target your potential customers but you can also reach them at a much cheaper cost than via traditional routes of billboard advertisement.

David Anglin

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