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How to manage email campaigns in business catalyst

A step by step guide on managing your email campaigns in Business Catalyst

Notes: To use the email marketing feature you need to be on the marketing hosting plan

Log in to your website e.g. www.nameofwebsite.com/admin

On the menu on the left hand side click Email campaigns after which click on add email campaign.


Choose a campaign name e.g. Test monthly newsletter

On the delivery date choose the time you would like to send it e.g. August 25 2014

Choose a delivery time e.g. 12:00 pm (I would recommend giving yourself a 15 minute window when sending your campaign to allow you enough time to complete all the steps of the campaign so if you want to send out your campaign at 12:30 you should have everything in the campaign complete by 12:15 pressing the send campaign button at this time)

Where it says email from name, if you change this to an email your email subscribers will recognise e.g. Helpineeda.com

Where it says email from address if you change it to an email you want emails from the campaign to be received at e.g. info@helpineeda.com (it will ask you to verify the email address which you must do)

Legacy template if you change this to Email (You would need to of had an email template designed)

Than press next

It will next ask send to, if you click in the box it will show the mailing list options you have. Click the required list.

Press save to drafts

For the template page you can choose for it to remain blank or you can add content to one of the pre designed templates.

Now you are on the content page

For email subject if you enter a email subject line be creative and think of things that will get people to click.

In the Rich Editor box this is where you add the content for the email, you have options to add images change text, colours etc.

On the right hand side is the toolbox with modules

If you click on data it will give you a list of pre written code e.g. first name, last name etc.

The use of this is if you wanted to personalise the email adding the tag first name will add the first name of all the contacts in your mailing lists when you send an email.

When you have wrote your content press save to drafts.

You also have the option to sent a test campaign to yourself so that you will know how it looks.
This is a test email I had sent to myself.

When you click Next it will bring you to the preview and send page here you get to see how the campaign will look. When your happy click send campaign which is located at the bottom of the page.

A campaign popup form will show giving you the details of the campaign when your happy click send.

When this is done go to close.

You will next be brought to the email campaign summary page. This will show you the number of opens, un opens, who opened, who unsubscribed (People who unsubscribe are automatically taken out of the mailing list so you won't need to do anything). For people who opened the email you can see what links they clicked on and what other actions they performed.

If you press the copy campaign button this enables you to copy the details of the campaign and you can make changes as you need i.e. date, content, mailing list.
If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.

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