written by David Anglin

How to get relevant website traffic

Recently, I have been thinking to myself what valuable piece of advice I can offer to new subscribers who wish to create a successful online business. Now, while I may not have all the answers, one thing I do know is to be successful online, you need traffic, and more specifically the right traffic!

Make no mistake about it; right traffic is worth thousands more to you than just traffic to your website. Right traffic means you won't have to spend too much effort persuading visitors to buy your services, or more importantly, pay the prices you ask (usually).

So, at its basic, business is about getting the right traffic. Nowadays there are many different ways of getting traffic to your website i.e. affiliate schemes, social media, banner ads, pay per click marketing and many more. My personal experience is that when starting an online business securing a reliable cash flow is essential, as, if done right pay per click advertising such as Google Adwords, Bing Ads etc is perfect as it can generate highly targeted traffic to your website. BUT!!! if you go into pay per click blindly, your wallet will lose... EPICALLY! (Sorry I've been watching too many martial arts films recently!)

It's highly probable that your audience is using Google and Bing (to a much lesser extent) to search for services like yours, so I would suggest that you use part of your budget to make sure you appear in front of your audience right when they search for your services. Now, Google is the most dominant search engine in near enough the world, as a result, Adwords can be expensive when competing for certain keywords. Bing on the other hand is not nearly as dominant as Google and so receives a lot less traffic but competing for keywords is a lot cheaper, and what I have found is that Bing still brings relevant traffic when your campaigns are highly specific (That's how some of you got to this point ;-)). Contrary to what some experts say, if you're on a tight budget, keep your campaigns specific and shelve that broad business!

To sign off, I will say that finding relevant traffic is the key to all online businesses and pay per click is simply away to give you a starting point.

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