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How To Create A Blog

This article describes how to create and manage blogs for your site.
Notes: To use the Blog feature you need to be on the marketing hosting plan

Creating the blog

To create a blog. follow the next steps:

  1. Select Modules->Blogs
  2. Click New Blog
  3. Enter your blog name and by default the blog URL will be automatically generated
    Note: you can click Edit to change the blog URL
  4. Choose the template that will be applied to your blog from your list of templates. See this article for more info on templates
  5. Click Save to create the blog

Link to the blog from the main menu

Once the blog has been created, you can link it from the navigation menu in your site. To link the blog from the menu:

  1. Select Site Manager > Menus, and click the main menu in the list.
  2. Click Add Item and specify the properties of the menu item for the blog.
  3. Specify the link to the blog as follows:
    • Click Select Link next to the Item URL text box.
    • Select the Blogs category in the Link Manager, and then select the blog.
    • Click the Select button.
    • Click Save Item.


Creating posts

There are two ways of adding posts to your blog:

Adding posts using the Admin console

  1. Select Modules > Blogs and choose your blog
  2. Click New Post and write the post.
  3. Choose the blog post categories, tags and release date
  4. Click Save Draft if you want to save the post as draft or Publish to take it live.

Note: If you want to publish your post in the future, set the Release Date to the future date and click Publish.

Importing blog posts

You can import blog posts from wither Wordpress or TypePad:

  1. Select Modules > Blogs and choose your blog
  2. Click "Import Posts"
  3. Select the blog type you would like to import
  4. Click "Choose file" and select the file you have exported from Wordpress or TypePad
We would recommend first importing a file that contains a few blog posts. If everything looks properly you can go ahead and import the rest of them.

This Information Is Taken From The Business Catalyst Website



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