written by David Anglin

Honesty In Business

In an earlier post I wrote entitled my Thoughts on Walthamstow I talked on the importance of being open online of showing your audience not only your brand but the person behind the brand and doing this honestly.

Why? because the internet has made many sensations, with some having earned substantial incomes through being themselves (reference here)
Time and time again it shows the importance of being yourself even in business, but more importantly being honest especially if your in a business that does not deal with the essentials.
Recently I have been working on a campaign for a charity and was in disagreement with some of them because I was saying that for charities at the moment that deal with humanitarian appeals, due to many reports stating that charities have been holding on to donations and not giving it to those who the appeal's for, it would make sense for the charity to be honest with their funders and potential funders, by showing there accounts, as their accounts would clearly show the donations they receive goes to the victims.

Unfortunately the charity did not take up my idea, and I believe they have missed on an opportunity to gain sold supporters simply because they were so honest and open.
With the nature of the internet and its interconnectedness we are in a time period where we constantly have our thoughts and actions recorded either by a platform or by people, this means we can and will be held accountable for any actions we take. But it also gives us the chance to connect with audiences that relate to our story and will want to be a part of any steps we take.

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