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Helpful tips on using Business Catalyst

Helpful tips on using Business Catalyst

Logging into Admin

Tip 1. To log in to the admin area of your website all you need to do is type in www.nameofyourwebsite/admin so for example to log into the back of helpineeda.com it would be www.helpineeda.com/admin

Logging into Webmail

Tip 2. Depending on the hosting package you purchased it will be included with up to 10 free email addresses. To login into your webmail account so that you can pick up emails you will need to type mail.nameofyourwebsite for example mail.helpineeda.com. If you would like to configure it so that emails go directly to your phone etc please view this guide.

Below is an image of the webmail homepage.

Setting up an email address in Business Catalyst

Tip 3. If you are on the hosting package that is included with up to 10 email addresses setting up an email address could not be easier. When your logged into the admin area of your website on the left hand of the home screen will be a vertical menu which says at the top recent items, dashboard, site manager etc. If you click on the tab that says Site Settings and from there if you click on E-mail accounts. If you click on the button that says new email accounts you will be greeted with a page that looks as below.

All you will need to do next is where it says E-mail account put the name you want e.g. Peter
Next you fill in the rest of the form and when you save you will have a new email address created.

Tip 4. Adding images to an existing gallery in Business Catalyst

When you are logged in to your admin area see tip 1, click on site manager and you will have the option of file manager click on this.

After this if you click on images you will see a display similar to this

If you click on gallery you will see a display similar to this.

If you click on the button Upload files and where it says "choose folder to upload to" if you follow the options /images/gallery/ this will put your images in the right place Warning placing images in Root/ can cause problems

Where it says select if you choose the images you want from your computer etc. To note the button Add allows you to upload  more images at once

Once you have selected the images you want to go in your gallery if you press the blue button upload, the images file will come up under and will also automatically appear in the relevant gallery.

How to add an image to a blog in Business Catalyst

Tip 4. To an image to your blog post first you must select the blog post you wish to add an image to by using the menu on the right hand side and clicking modules and than blog. You will be given the options where you can create a new post, create an entirely new blog or edit a previous blog post.
When you have selected your option and for this example it will be editing a previous post you will see a display similar to this

On this page will be where you enter the content for your blog post by using the text editor (very similar to how Microsoft Word works). After this if you click on the image that looks like a orange sun above mountains. See image below.
Please note this image is no longer coloured but is a grey image of two mountain peaks.

After you have clicked on this image you will see a page similar to this

If you click on the tab upload you will have the options to select images from your computer and where you want the images to be stored. IMPORTANT IMAGES MUST ALWAYS BE STORED IN A PATHWAY/ FOLDER ENTITLED IMAGE E.G. /images/ or /images/blog/

To add an image from your computer/ device click on the option select this will bring up your computer/ device folders where you can select the image required. When you have selected the image you want simply click on upload.

When the file has been uploaded simply scroll through the image manager until you find the image you uploaded.

When you have found your image simply click on it. You will also have the opportunity to resize the image. This option will appear at the top right hand side of your image manager. I would recommend if your images are over 4000 pixels than you should resize to around 1000 pixels as 4000 pixels is very large and so will make the loading speed of the web page the image is found on slow down greatly.

Once you have made the adjustments to the image you want, simply click on insert found at the bottom of the image manger and the image will now appear in your blog post.

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