written by David Anglin

Google Me!

Google Me!


Let me ask you a question, if a person Googled your name would information about yourself appear?

Why, I'm asking is that I have noticed for my own name that where I have a few web related projects on the internet people are beginning to search for my name. (I was able to find this out by using Google Adwords keyword tool and entering my name for the search volume option)

Though it's not a massive amount of searches it proves my theory that I put in my article "My Thoughts On Walthamstow" that people like to know the person behind the business, as people connect with real people.

As I know people will search for information about me, it becomes important that the information they are searching for is easy to find and useful. A few prominent marketers who I listen to have websites that use their actual name for example having www.davidanglin.co.uk, what this does is allows you to claim your name online and in time it becomes likely that when a person searches for your name your website will appear, as imagine how many people all over the world have the same name as you. Until recently I was using my Google+ profile to act as my online presence to the world as all the information needed about me appeared in one place and my profile would appear high up in Google search rankings.

With the presence of the internet people have so many ways and routes to accessing information about you, but your job is to make sure that the information that comes up is relevant for you, as you wouldn't want all of those searchers coming across someone else's profile?

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