written by David Anglin

Google Is A Middle Man

In essence Google is a middle man.
A very high powered middle man but a middle man non the less.
Why do I say this? because what Google does is connect a person/ searcher with content which either what they want or may like. What makes Google so powerful is that so many users worldwide use its search facility.
Other platforms see the power in this and have set up similar services, with Facebook you can create ads that target users who have expressed an interest in something. For instance if I sell martial art equipment I would use the ad service to only target users who have expressed an interest in martial arts but are only in areas I can deliver to. At it's basics its quite simple but very effective, many platforms use this middleman concept Bing, Twitter, Ebay, Amazon, Gumtree there are quite a few.

When you look at how they are set up it becomes easy to see that for your business to work, what is required is for it to be placed in front of the right audience. Investing time in finding the right audience, especially online means that though search engines will change and advertising on these platforms may become more expensive, because you already know where your audience is you will be unaffected by these changes.
But to find your audience first you need to understand your audience, where do they like to go? what things are they into. For instance if I'm selling martial art equipment, I know that those into martial arts will look at Youtube video's, so I may leave a few helpful comments on a video, also stating I sell martial art equipment or I could run an advert on the Youtube video. I know that in the martial art world MMA is very popular at the minute, so I could find a popular MMA website and see how much it would cost to advertise, alternatively I could find a popular martial art school in an area and ask to be their supplier of equipment maybe offering commissions, though it's not based on being online, it's the best way to find people who will need martial art equipment.

The real job in all of this is in finding the best channel that will help you reach your sales goals.

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