written by David Anglin

Forget a selfie lets get creative!

Forget a selfie lets get creative!

I recently read a report that each and every day 1 million selfies get taken!
That means 1 million experiences get captured in a single shot! Now if your like me and at times you procrastinate looking at online profiles you will realise that most selfies look very similar i.e. the pout, the picture from behind (On the sink :D) and my favorite the angelic look taken from above as the person lays in their bed with there hair spread all round.

Now that's all well and good but as an individual I hate when it seems like I'm doing the same things as everyone else that's why instead of taking pictures I get a little more creative in capturing my experiences with my daughter click here to view (One day when she gets older she will see all the liberties I had to endure from her :D). In my eyes a real photo is powerful but whats more powerful than that is turning a stand alone photo into something so creative that you will want to show the world simply because it shows you in a light a  normal photo would be unable to achieve.

The Only Thing Holding You Back Is Imagination

Why settle for a selfie of you at home when we can create a high definition painting of you in a long flowing black dress (or armored suit ;) ) as you sit upon a crystal throne gazing towards the moon as all around troops in golden armour bow patiently as they await your orders.
See turning a picture into something epic!

So if you like the idea of this contact us now! or if you want to discuss the vision for The Legend Of The Black Dragon contact me here.

Take a scroll down for an example of some of this artwork

Send us your photo and we will transform something like this into...

Something like this for the price of £40. This image will be of high quality of over 5000 pixels this means you can print it on a large canvas or T-Shirt in high definition, the turn around for this will be within 2 weeks but this is dependent on the amount of orders we receive. For those looking for something a little more special...

Your photo's can become a part of the limited edition series "The Legend Of The Black Dragon" for the price of £300 alternatively you can have a highly detailed and imaginative image created of yourself. As a lot of time and preparation goes into these illustrations the turn around for this is usually a month but again this is dependent on the number of orders we get. The illustration will be made in 6000 pixels or higher so again if you wish to print out large scale for a frame or T- Shirt this will not be a problem.

Ps here's a briefing on "The Legend Of The Black Dragon" enjoy :D

As the gigantic armour plated red claw rips through the bloodied breast plate of the white dragon you watch closely as the light leaves the eyes of your friend and mentor Daal
As the fearsome gaze of the red dragon turns to look at you with a slight smile on its face you realise this epic thousand year war is reaching its climax. A war that was started simply because the elders of the white dragons wanted a future where dragonkind and mankind could peacefully coexist. They made the first step in obtaining peace by gifting magical powers to selected brave and honorable human families. This act of peace caused a frenzy among the elite of the red dragons and instantly they declared war on there white scaled brethren. Setting lose a legendary red dragon known simply as three scars due to the marks on his right wing, and who's thirst for blood and destruction new no bounds. Though banded together the population of human and white dragons have been greatly reduced but in this chaos of new world earth at the core of its molten being something is stirring something governed by one single instinct of everything in the universe must burn...



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