written by David Anglin

Finding Gold

Finding Gold

An extract from a guide I wrote for obtaining traffic and sales

As I mentioned before, emails are gold! Your website should have a subscribe here box prominently displayed on the page you send the traffic to. If you get no sign ups you need to experiment with the look, wording and design of the page to encourage users to sign up. There is also services which track when a person is about to leave your page and will open a pop up with a subscribe here box that according to their research has been found to be effective.

With these email addresses you can send emails to these businesses letting them know of the wonderful cakes you make and how they can find out more by visiting your website. When you have sent out an email campaign check who opens the email, how many times they opened it and most importantly see who clicked on the link directing them to your website. If a person clicks on your link or opens your email more than 10 times it means you have sparked some interest so you should put them into a separate mailing list for more engaged targeting...

David Anglin

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