written by David Anglin

Finding Clients Is Easy! But Getting Them To Pay What Your Worth Is Hard

Finding Clients Is Easy! But Getting Them To Pay What Your Worth Is Hard

When I first started out along the entrepreneurial journey I remember thinking to myself how would I find clientele, when I gained my first client, after a while of working with them I realised that people always need some form of services done, it was like what a friend of mine said "what you will find in business is that getting clients is easy, but getting clients who will pay you what you want, now that's the hard part!"

You see when starting of in business I would find clients who had a certain budget and instead of using that budget they would want me to give premium services for less than their budget! would I take these jobs on? Yes simply because at the time I believed more job opportunities would come or I would eventually be paid more, now in a few cases that was the truth, but in a lot of cases it ended up not being worthwhile.

Now this is not a rant, but it's more of an introduction to the next part and how you can use some concepts in your own business.

Starting out in business, at the time you just want customers, and for most of us we will work as slave's just to keep these customers happy, but what I have realised now was that there was always alternatives, you see at the time what I could of offered for clients with a small budget, was services that matched their requirements but ultimately would be cost and time worthy for me. For instance instead of carrying out marketing for them I could of created an email support service or guidance notes for them to read over, giving my expertise on how to generate traffic and sales while being cost effective for both myself and the client.

A strategy like this allows you to reach a wide community of people, who may not initially have the budget for your services but through you creating a low cost option they now have a way of being introduced to you and the professional services you provide.

The great thing about having low cost options on a website such as having downloadable products, is that the process of a customer buying and than downloading your professional service takes place automatically this leaves you with more time to concentrate on larger projects.
So what I would suggest for you is to think of ways you can develop easy to create low cost products for your target audience as this puts you inline to create a profitable scaleable business.

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