written by David Anglin

Email Etiquette

Email Etiquette

Imagine you was walking down a high street one summers day and a man or woman comes up to you and in all seriousness say that "your now their boyfriend or girlfriend!" No introductions, no cinema dates, no late night conversations no lingering hugs! Just straight to the point your now my partner.

Now I'm sure most of us would have the same reaction of "no I'm not! and I'm not interested!" You see as we grow up in our different communities we learn the importance of building up relationships and I believe at the core of all relationships is trust, trust that no matter what, a person always has your best interest at heart.

This relationship building is part of all things including business, even for large faceless companies like Amazon, Ebay etc we go looking for trust, the trust we will find is in the reviews left by other buyers for products were interested in, so this gives us more confidence to part with our money.

So it always surprises me when companies I've never heard from send me emails trying to hard sell there products or services, I don't know you from anywhere why would I part with my hard earned money and give it to you, now if they had been sending me more introductory email's to begin with selling a little bit as that's what I expect but really giving me value each time I open there emails after a while it will become easier for me to spend with them.

So if your sending your own email campaigns remember this, instead of going in for the hard sell, introduce yourself first, let them get comfortable with you and in time the engagements will turn into a business relationship.

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