written by David Anglin

Complimation of thought provoking animations

Complimation of thought provoking animations

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Here at Helpineeda.com we like creative art in all its forms so we have put together a collection of animated films for you to watch from independent artists we have found on Youtube. Some animations are dark while others are humorous but all are thought provoking.

This surreal and atmospheric animation makes great use of sound and imagery bringing the animators dark imagination to life. Arachnophobics be warned!

This animation takes a while to build up but when it does its worth the wait. The saying "Expect the unexpected" comes to mind for this.

This animated short film has a rough around the edges look to it but perfectly matches the theme of mental illness, crime and love.

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Albert Einstein's quote sums up this animation, a great watch.

This hand drawn animation deals with the topic of adultery in an interesting way.

A beautifully illustrated short animation on mans effect on the natural world.

The last animation from one of our freelancers is an animated radio show.



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