written by David Anglin

Can the inter connected web disrupt large players like Nike?

When the power of the inter connected web is truly embraced by all, many industries and companies will find themselves having to adapt or fall.

I was having a conversion with a few friends including (Joey Dyer) around the topic of companies being too large to fall. We ended up talking about Nike and they was basically saying that Nike will always be around due to having such a global brand.

To an extent I agree as they seem to constantly adapt by embracing new teen cultures and technologies, but it got me again thinking of the concept of building new brands through relationships.

Imagine a creative designer uses a platform like google+ to showcase new designs for trainers, imagine the designer builds up a strong following of engaging people willing to support his project by acting as amplifiers off his message. Now imagine he creates these trainers using a 3D printer so he's able to keep the cost of the trainer production low, keeping the price low for the end buyer.

He has great trainer designs and also an audience of engaging followers who are willing to help his cause. If more like minded people like the designer sprung up, would not eventually they have the power to disrupt an industry and the big players?

Whats your thoughts?

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