written by David Anglin

Are You Sitting Down On A Website Thats Worth Millions

Are You Sitting Down On A Website Thats Worth Millions

Near enough everyday I receive email notifications for some of my clients website's informing me that they have received a sale, now these notifications come at all times of the day and even night, there has been many times when I have woken up checked my emails and seen a long list of these notifications.
When I've gone deeper and checked the amounts for each notification if there's for example 20 notifications at least 15 of them will  be under £10 and the 5 that are left will usually be higher, with at least one of them being considerably higher than the others, this is the same format for all my clients, most notifications are for small amounts, but these small amounts add up. What it shows is the importance of having at least 3 different price points for your products and services, a low cost product that's priced to be affordable for everyone, a medium priced product that's maybe a bit more unique so ends up being more expensive and a high cost premium product.

In fact looking at these stats and looking at other large eccomerce websites like Amazon I have become convinced that all website owners should offer a cheap downloadable product. As what you will find, is if one person believes your product to be worthwhile many more will be willing to buy your product, and as its cheap they will look at it as a bargain, one product will than be able to generate many sales, and in time your low cost customers if shown the right deal will buy something a little more expensive from you.

Now imagine if your able to get enough traffic to your website each day, the potential of it turning into a business worth £1,000,000 becomes realistic simply because you have products and services available for all budgets.

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