written by David Anglin

All We're Really Doing Is Renting Our Social Media Profile's! But In The Future That Rent Could Go Up!

All We're Really Doing Is Renting Our Social Media Profile's! But In The Future That Rent Could Go Up!

In life many of us if in the position would love to have a house with no mortgage as with this we would have less financial pressures and be confident that even if we lost are jobs or business got slow, we would always have somewhere to call home.

So it always surprises me when I talk with friends and when I mention the importance of owning a website and they say "but I can do everything using social media!" in essence using social media is using another businesses space, if they become unhappy with things you post than as many of us have seen over the years on Facebook, twitter etc they will block or delete your profile. Imagine all those posts full of images, video's your personal thoughts, deleted because you failed to follow there guidelines. At least when owning a website you can be confident that as long as you pay your hosting fee's of a few £'s a year and your website has no illegal content, it will always be around for the general public to see.

Another thing to mention is, whats to say that in a few years time social networks will be free to join as they are now, the more of a reliance we have on them is the easier it becomes for organisations like Facebook to add charges, sounds strange but recently I was talking with an older friend of mine who has been in business for over 20 years, when he told me that his business account has no monthly fees I was so shocked as I assumed that when you open a business account fees is part of it, but at the time when he started his business there were no monthly bank fees for business accounts.

Now don't get me wrong it's not that I'm saying not to use social media, as social media is like a community hall that brings so many people from so many different backgrounds into one place, but what I am saying is that when investing time in social networking use some of that time to draw an audience to a website that you own, because if things ever do change at least your website will be something that stays consistent and your audience will always be able to find you.

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