written by David Anglin

Abstract Mixtape Cover Designs

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A good artist will captivate our attention through skilled use of imagery while an expert artist will use imagery that talks to our inner being and makes us reflect on what we've seen. An expert artist has the ability to produce imagery that connects with our deepest emotions whether it is happiness, sadness or some of our more primal urges such as lust.

Connect with your audience using these methods and you can captivate their attention long after they have finished viewing the image, since the emotional impact stay in their hearts and minds for a long time.

I believe this collection of mixtape designs makes you reflect as it connects through more than just imagery. If you require a Mixtape cover designed or need a website created contact us here.

By Austin Wade By Ashwin Merle By Dean Trotter By Fatkur Rokhim By Marwan Shahin By Eduardo Monteiro By Werner Fismer By Shane Catney By Paul Olajimi

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