written by David Anglin

A Lover Of The Olympics

A Lover Of The Olympics

For those who regularly keep up with my emails, one of the things I mention time and time again is the power of words. click here In fact, I will tell you my own recent story of how words through an email effected me so much they made me... act.
Let's give the background story. I've been a lover of the Olympics since I can remember! I remember staying up late nights watching my hero of the time Carl Lewis effortlessly destroy the field in the 100 meter finals and I remember watching with amazement as Michael Johnson left the field trailing so far behind him in the 400 meters that it was like watching a one man race! So, as I'm sure you can tell I'm a great fan of the Olympics especially for track and field.
So when a few years ago I saw the South African runner Caster Semenya run a blistering world record run to win the 800 meters, I was shocked and angered at how the media took her apart, calling into doubt her sex, at points calling her a man, then saying she's both man and woman - really getting low in their treatment of her, hitting the core of what is important to all women - their womanhood.
Forward to the Olympics 2016 when I saw her back on the field and at her best I had to give a smile and a personal salute to her, as in my eyes she's a winner, as to take all of that abuse and to still be able to carry on, that's what makes a winner.
When, a few days ago, I received an email from a Christian organisation (seems to be a one man show to be honest) calling for her to be banned, as she's not a woman and using biblical quotes to defend his thoughts, I instantly felt anger. In fact, I think I sent the mail to spam straight after, something I rarely do now. Though I think his comments were rude and unnecessary, in the field of marketing, he can pat himself on the back as he got a reaction- and in marketing you need a reaction.
When sending out any form of digital communication online for business purposes you should always be going for a reaction. No reaction means you've left no mark, so you are easily forgotten. You ever heard someone say "You want people to either love you or hate you as no one remembers the alright guy?" Yeah-this principle is even more relevant in online marketing.
Create something that will get your audience reacting in one way or the other as this is how you build up an audience and ultimately leads to sales. Don't believe me? Look at the controversial things Trump says. He's remembered because lots of people either love or hate him...
Now go out their and be great! :D

P.S. What do you think is Usain Bolt the greatest athlete of all time?

David Anglin

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