written by David Anglin

7 Creative Mixtape Covers - Artist Edition

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In a time when are senses are constantly overloaded with stimulus, standing out from the crowd can be difficult. Any artist who aims to get their music out there knows all too well about this grind. So having an edge over your competition is essential.

Now while making great music is essential finding and attracting the audience to your music can be one of the most difficult stages.

I'm sure we have all seen artists outside train stations asking us to support their mixtape. However when looking at their mixtape a lot of the time the mixtape design looks poor. They may have great music but the initial attraction will be lost if the mixtape design doesn't capture your attention. As us humans by nature are attracted to visual stimulation if you take time to look you will notice most marketing works on these principles!

Below is a collection of mixtape covers that instantly capture your attention.

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Creative Mixtape Cover

By Gugen

The great thing about the digital art process is that with time and by having an eye for detail your able to transform a seemingly simple image into something that is new, exciting, weird or whatever you want it to be. Your only constraint is what your mind can imagine.

Creative Mixtape Cover

By RowebotGfx

The principle behind this mixtape cover is really creative and imaginative. As the mixtape is entitled the "Usual Suspects" the use of the artists photo's with a description of the suspects is something you would expect to find in a police station where they are building information for a case. The mixtape designer goes even further for authenticity by adding pins, post it notes and a pin board background. A great piece of artwork.

Creative Mixtape Cover

By LaxDesign

The design for this mixtape cover is truly stunning and anyone familiar with the grand theft auto series will recognise the concept for this idea. This mixtape definitely does it's job and catches your attention by it's sleek and gritty look so you would expect to hear music of a gritty and fast living nature.

Creative Mixtape Cover

By Mikehot2death

An interesting mixtape cover, as you have an image in the background of the end of the world while the characters in the main image seem to still have time for a shoot out???

However credit must be given to the designer, as what this mixtape does is capture attention.

Creative Mixtape Cover

By Bettlejuic3

It would be easy to mistake this mixtape cover as a work of art, as the paint effect works well in creating a feel of timeless quality. If not for the music it would be easy to imagine a person picking up this mixtape just for the design alone.

Creative Mixtape Cover

By MadSDesignz

Another visually stunning mixtape cover though simple in nature what it does do is grab your attention. It does this through the use of futuristic and alien themes that would be perfect for showcasing EDM music.

Creative Mixtape Cover

By GrahamPhisherDotCom

Although simple when done right this can really be effective as is the design for this mixtape cover. The main image of Rihanna is from the cover art of her single Russian Roulette however the mixtape designer vamped it up making it perfect for a dubstep mixtape by adding graffiti and just generally giving it a more urban feel.

By David Anglin

Creativity mixed with a lot of ideas and a touch of web consultancy. That sums me up!

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